How much does the show cost?

To obtain a quote, please send us an email from the virtual form or write to Hola@showdeburbujasperu.com


If I contract the show "FULL of 30 minutes" will only stay that time at the party?

No, we're staying with you the whole party. We will arrive before your guests to install the music and our equipment and after the show we will stay with you to help you with the piñata and happy birthday. We will be with you all your party (Total approximate time from 2 to 3 hours)


What does the bubble liquid contain?

Our "Biondi® Bubble Fluid" contains more than 7 ingredients and is friendly to the environment. It does not irritate the eyes and the foam fades in a few minutes. In this link we teach you how to prepare a mixture of bubbles to play at home. Click here.


Is your show suitable for all ages?

Yes, our show is a family show.


What means of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, transfers, checks and cards (Visa and MasterCard)


How far in advance should I separate the show?

We recommend that it be done as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of the date.


What space do you need?

Our show can be adapted anywhere without losing the quality of it.

We recommend that the space be indoors and with controlled wind.


Will you come to my event or send someone else?

The show is performed only by Biondi the magician.


What is the best age for a bubble show?

For optimal participation, we recommend children 3 years and older. If your child is smaller, we recommend that you accompany him during the show, the big ones will also participate in the show


Can I see your show somewhere else?

If we make a public presentation we will announce it through our social networks, at the moment you can see videos of our previous shows on youtube.com/magobiondi


What do I need to offer you for your show?

We need an outlet to connect our equipment, we take care of the extensions, installations and additional wiring.

Another thing we need is a parking lot near the party.


Can you perform the show outdoors?

Yes, but we prefer to work indoors.

In case of doing the show outdoors we will do a "bubble workshop" where children can experiment making their own bubbles.


How many children can participate in the bubble workshop?

We recommend that there are no more than 20 children for the workshop, if it is more we advise you to take the interior packages.


What are the magic surprises?

The magic surprises are the new product of the Biondi Wizard. We can provide you with surprises so that your guests can take a souvenir of the bubble show. You can see its operation here.


I have pets. Can they be at the party?

We love pets, but we ask that during the show they stay away from the guests, so they will not be stressed with all the children and will not interrupt the show.


What is the best time to start the show?

We recommend starting the show one hour after the invitation time, so nobody will miss (or interrupt) the show.


Can children eat or drink during the show?

We recommend not distributing drinks or food to guarantee the attention of the children. Our show is participatory and if they have food they will not be able to enjoy the show.


What is the best time to distribute drinks and food?

We believe that the best moment is after the show.


Will my son and his friends participate in the show?

Yes, the birthday boy will help us with the main events, where he will receive bubbles in his hands and enter a giant bubble.

Also in the option "Deluxe" we will make it suspended in the air to more than 1 meter in height.


Is there a limit of children for the indoor show?

No, we have made presentations for up to 100 children!


Where will the children be seated?

We will provide a rug for the children to sit on during the show. So they will be closer to the action


Do you stay with us to help us with the Happy Birthday?

Yes, we stayed for help with the Happy Birthday.

We will be with you all your party (Total approximate time from 2 to 3 hours)


Can we take pictures and videos during the show?

Of course! Do not forget to share them on our fanpage www.facebook.com/showdeburbujasperu We love receiving photos of our clients.


If I contract it for my children, will the show be boring for adults?

Of course not, our show is fun and suitable for all audiences. Children enjoy the bubbles and adults will remember what it was like to be children.


Discover the magic of bubbles with Biondi the Magician!

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SHOW DE BURBUJAS by Mago Biondi | Lima, Perú | 992-433-113 | hola@showdeburbujasperu.com  © 2018


SHOW DE BURBUJAS by Mago Biondi | Lima, Perú | 992-433-113 | hola@showdeburbujasperu.com  © 2018